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We have designed our social media services for busy business owners and social media managers, who want to organically increase their social media content engagement and reach wider audiences.

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Why should you create inclusive social media content?


Of the total global population use social media, as of October 2021 


Of the world’s population, experience some form of disability.

The figure increases significantly when you account for temporary and situational differences.


Of people with visual disabilities access and consume social media content at least once per week.

Source: Magna Global


"Of people with visual, hearing, speech and cognitive disabilities have problems consuming content, even with an assistive tool."

Source: Magna Global

How can we help?

Our packages are developed for a range of organisations with differing requirements.

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Creating Inclusive Social Media

Inclusive Social Masterclass


Social Media Consulting

Strategy and Campaign Development


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Bespoke Content Templates

Social Media Training

Free Resource

Want a free tool to help aid your social media content production?

We've created an inclusive social media content planner in Airtable. 

If you don't use Airtable you will need to sign up; it's completely free.

To get started you just need to visit the below link and copy to base to your profile base.

Once you've added it to your profile, get personalising and add your content.

Did you know?

You can automate uploads from your Airtable base to your social media accounts

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Nancy Kotecha, Founder Nans Van Limited

"I spent some time with Katie talking through my catering company's social media and website.

Her knowledge and expertise are exemplary.

Acting on advice given in our first session I got two bookings!

She made everything easy to understand and was very professional."

Which platforms do we work with?

We work with the main six social media platforms.

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We use a range of tools to create social media content and to streamline the creation process.

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We use Adobe for video and illustration editing.

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We use HappyScribe for video captions and transcripts. 

Visit HappyScribe website

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We use Airtable to plan and curate content campaigns. 

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We use Buffer for post scheduling.

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