Why we care

Our Mission

We care about people and everyday experiences that can make everyone's lives better.


Everyone should be able to access and utilise websites, social media content, YouTube videos, marketing emails and presentations. 

Your brand should want to be more inclusive.

You could be missing out on creating loyal customers or building amazing future talent pipelines to help you become more innovative. 

At Inclusive Creator, we believe that organisations that are culturally inclusive do better in the long run.

We want to help you organically engage with your communities, whether they are customers or your employees. 

We can help with your communications through training, consulting, auditing and solution design.

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Check out our inclusive design page.

Our Values

Our purpose and values are what make us unique. 

We are:

Authentic – Our lived experience is what gives us perspective.

Own what makes you, you. Respect and support others on their journey.

Human-centred – We are all unique. Understanding our differences and connections is key.

Empowering – Positive intent to open up new opportunities for lasting change.


We don't believe in being wishy-washy or fake.

We genuinely care and want to be a force for positive change in society.


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How we collaborate

We conduct business in an open, honest, and transparent way.

To prove our commitment to being inclusive, ethical and sustainable we signed up to the Good Business Charter.

We adhere to:

  • Have fair hours and contracts.

  • Prioritise employee and business partner wellbeing.

  • Incorporate diversity and inclusion into our values. It's not a tick box exercise for us. We live and breathe it.

  • Environmental Responsibility – We incorporate sustainable practices.

  • Pay Fair Tax

  • Ethical Sourcing - We take this to the next level by trying to source inclusive and accessible products and services.

  • Prompt Payments - We pay our business partners and service suppliers on time as agreed in our contracts.

Learn more about the Good Business Charter.

Want to work with us? 

Meet the Founder:

Katie Miller

As a passionate disability advocate, I set up the Inclusive Creator to help create social change.

I am a white English female, with non-visible physical and mental health experience. My experience with disability is what led me to set up Inclusive Creator.

The medical model of disability has affected many aspects of my life whilst growing up, and to this day still affects many people's lives.

Katie is smiling at the camera. She has short brown hair and is wearing a camel coloured jumper and denim dungarees.

Why did I set up Inclusive Creator?


In the meet the founder section, I stated that I am a white English female with non-visible physical and mental health experience; I wrote this as I accept my biases.

I do not have lived experience of someone who has different characteristics to me.

I believe that ensuring you are aware of your own personal bias and privilege, is the first step to truly being more open to the growth mindset and being more inclusive in your daily life.

This is why spending time with a diverse group of people will show you how they have adapted to their environments; this might be in the workplace, at home, and just generally in their daily lives.

I previously had a voluntary role, as co-chair of the internal disability community at a large FTSE 100 firm.

I learned a lot from speaking to a variety of people about their own lived experiences. 

I have met many people who have ‘coping mechanisms’ and don’t see themselves as ‘disabled’.

They see their differences as abilities, that give them different perspectives. I use the term coping mechanisms as that is how one person described it to me and the term really resonated with me.


In my learning and development role at the firm, I developed a set of content creation standards in line with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1, so that any learning that was created across the business was useable to most users. Within the standards, I ensured that inclusive design practices and principles were incorporated.

Although standards and policies may seem counter-intuitive to the inclusive design methodology, the cultural embedment of inclusivity needs to be taken into account.

Creating a shift in mindset from the medical to social model can be difficult, which is why providing a learning and feedback space is important, so people can learn from those with experience (both employees and customers).

This approach will assist with the integration and embedment of the inclusive growth mindset.

The tools and resources available on the inclusive creator will help you on your journey to create and foster an inclusive mindset.  

You might just be starting to learn the concepts and principles or you might be very experienced; either way, everyone is on their development journey, let's all share our knowledge and experience for the greater good.