We have designed our brand identity and experience services for busy CEO's and brand consultants.

Basically, for those who want to improve the inclusivity and accessibility of their brand, increase the engagement of their communities and gain a unique selling point.

We have different solutions to help you on your journey, as we appreciate that everyone is unique. 

We can help you create

Inclusive Culture

Creating and embedding an inclusive culture for your employees and customers can give you unique insight and a competitive advantage.

Community Connections

Understanding how people interact and engage with your brand gives you a greater insight into how to become more inclusive.

Accessible Expereinces

Providing positive experiences with your brand that are designed to be accessible and inclusive to all. 

Considered Designs

Applying inclusive design principles to your brand designs can reduce exclusion by your design. 

Risk and Compliance

Being aware of your legal obligations to your customers and employees is essential.

What is the impact if your brand isn't inclusive?

It can lead to negative actions towards your brand.

40% of Magna Global survey respondents wouldn’t purchase from the brand and wouldn’t recommend the brand to others.

Source: Magna Global

How can we help?

Our packages are developed for a range of organisations with differing requirements.

Brand Strategy and Marketing Campaign Development

For those who want insight to help them develop an inclusive brand strategy and human-centred marketing campaigns.

The consultation has four stages to truly understand your organisation and develop lasting strategies that align with your inclusive values. 

Brand Experience Audit

For those who want to know how inclusive your current brand identity and customer experience is against inclusive design and accessibility standards.

This package is ideally suited for organisations that want a review to highlight areas of improvement to continue their journey to become more inclusive

Brand Experience Design

For organisations who want a truly inclusive brand experience crafted to increase engagement with your brand.​

The package is a fully comprehensive solution that includes:

  • Redesign of your brand identity

  •  Marketing solution templates

  • Supported training

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